Monday, July 14, 2014

Weeks 27 & 28/52

2014 Weekly Portrait Challenge

Week 27 & 28

This week were at the lake 

after celebrating Daddy's birthday


 a day at the park 


 We celebrated Daddy's birthday at his favorite restaurant, Pickle Bill's, and then headed down to the lake to watch the sunset. Emilee & Olivia searched the sand for sea glass and shells, while Owen chased Evan as he ran as far as he could down the shoreline. Ava rested on my chest in the baby carrier and Joe and I decided that we should make a list of things that our kids should do with their spouses before they have children some watching a sunset together. I think that we should write one for things that they should do with their children too...including watching the sunset together.


We took a walk to the park this week with my aunt and cousin. With Starbucks in hand we crossed the street into the park in Chagrin Falls. The kids played and adventured all throughout the park. Emilee looked so grown up leaning against the pole holding up the swings that I had to capture the moment. I knew that, not to far from now, I would look back on this picture and she would look so little again. Olivia found all of the flowers waiting to be picked and explored all of the trails in the park. Owen coursed cousin Tyler into pushing him on the swing. He called him Cory-Tyler most of the day because he kept forgetting which cousin he was but he now calls him simply Tyler. Evan thoroughly enjoyed the playground and the ducks as well as the falls and throwing rocks into them. Ava enjoyed the view from the stroller and the carrier for the day. She turned two months old this week!